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Food and Fashion

Food and Fashion

Food and Fashion are traditionally the focus of the activity of our lawyers.

We give assistance and advice in relation to each aspect of the production, distribution and retail (including food retail) of apparel, shoes, accessories and essences, as well as wine, liqueurs, food delicatessen, to a number of major Italian brands, among which some of the most famous Italian cooking chefs. Our assistance extends from drafting of the contractual documentation to, where necessary, assisting our clients in litigation before civil courts, administrative and criminal courts.

In the course of the years, we have assisted our clients involved in the development and relaunch of their entrepreneurial initiatives.

We have represented them in industrial consolidation transactions, in transactions where financial investors have invested in their company, in domestic and cross-border transactions by means of which they have acquired their competitors, and in the opening of new markets, new distribution channels and new points of sale.

In situations of company’s crisis, we have represented them in financial turnaround transactions, negotiating with their creditors the execution of the agreements necessary for a fresh restart of their business; as well as in industrial turnaround transaction, assisting them in the planning and in the delivery of the measures necessary for the appropriate management of the company’s crisis.

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